Top Tips For Keeping The Beaches Clean

Spending a lovely day at the beach is fun for everyone.  When there building sandcastles, searching for shells or just going for a swim in the water can be a great way to pass the time.  Sometimes as you travel the beach however, you may find some nasty remnants of human activity such as plastic bags, trash and general garbage.  As we are enjoying a day out with the family seeing this type of stuff just makes us sad.  Even with dock construction neches tx people just don’t see fit to clean up after themselves.

One way that we can keep our beaches cleaned is to organize a cleanup drive.  In this drive we gather a lot of people together with trash bags, trash sticks and gloves.  We then send them down specific stretches of beach cleaning up the water.

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You can also post signs and setup trash receptacles along the beach as well.  Creating a non-profit organization where donations and volunteers come in and monitor a section of beach.  They remove the old trash, replace bags, clean their areas and more.  With this type of teamwork and effort keeping the beaches clean can be a simple task.

When going to the beach you will also want to do your part to keep it clean while in use.  If you see someone with trash remind them to throw away what they brought and direct them to the nearest trash can.  If you see animals on the beach, make sure that their owners clean up after them and don’t leave droppings in the sand or water.

The health and beauty of our waters is up to you.  The more time, effort and thought behind what we do and how we do it will make a big difference.  Also, you can’t solve all the problems, but doing your part is a great start.