Tips For Designing Safer Products

The world is filled with new and innovative products.  Each of these products are supposed to go through rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe for their intended user.  This is why having your products manufactured with an engineered products company will help to ensure that your products are safe to use.


What materials should you make your product out of?  For the majority of products, a form of plastic is used.  Plastics are easy to produce and can be easily molded and transformed into any shape or configuration you can think of.  The problem with plastics is that they are not very recyclable. 


Metal is a good material for products that need sustainability.  Products such as pipes, faucets, computer cases and more are great options for metal.  The drawback to metal is that you typically have sharp corners, they are heavy and require a special process to be painted.  If a metal component cracks, dents or is otherwise damaged, you could cause the product to leak or even corrode. 


Rubber is a great material to make a product out of.  You can several different levels or rubber hardness from soft to hard.  Depending on the product that you are making you can use both parts in your products construction.

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End user

Now that you know about the materials that your products can be made out of you want to now focus on the end user.  Who is the end user of your product?  What is their age level and education level?  Will the product be a good fit for hat age group, or should a warning be placed on that product?


Who is going to use the product?  What protection is put in place to ensure that who is using the product is the intended user?  What if someone out of that demographic uses your product what would happen?

There are all questions that you can ask when designing a product.  Use them as the baseline for your product development choices.